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The Right to Die Marinda Thomas PSYCH/600 8/02/2015 Mrs. Koenig The Right to Die If you aren’t familiar with the “Right to Die” topic, let me say this…it is the new law that went into effect a few years ago 2008 that now allows people with life threatening illness and the elderly the right to die with dignity versus suffering or losing their capabilities. One of the main states who recognizes this is Oregon. I’m sure you have heard about it in the media at some point. If not take a minute and familiarize yourself with it. This “Right to Die” concept is not fully accepted and is viewed as physician assisted-suicide (PAS) in Oregon and the highest resort are the elderly. This topic is still very controversial because of the fact one…show more content…
The “Right to Die” is a personal choice and therefore should be respected and not debated so publicly. When I think about this I think about a story I saw on social media of the young 28 year old woman who choice to move to Oregon to end her life with dignity. She was newlywed and had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She choose this because she did not want to go without dignity and wanted her family to remember her as she was not how she would become. This was a story that touched so many people on social media. Her choice was so selfless and loving that it was hard to hear the end story when she had actually ended her life shortly after her move to Oregon. It is a personal choice and it should be respected despite someone else’s belief. Would you choose this? I know I would if it was an…show more content…
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