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Marcus Greene Mr. Brown English Comp 17 Aug 2012 Responding to pop culture The biggest boss thus far Rick Ross has manifested himself into one of the biggest commodities in rap music today. As well as constructing the toughest crew around, the untouchable Maybach Empire, which includes recording artists Meek Mill, Wale and Omarion just to name a few are truly untouchable. Ricky Rozay, which often refers to himself as the “Big Belly Rude Boy” delivers motivation for victory in each sixteen. Rozay recently released his fifth solo LP titled God Forgives, I don’t. Out the gate the LP begins with an intro snippet from the Movie “Baby Boy”, in which characters Jody and Sweet pea asks God for forgiveness…show more content…
Ross and three stacks go in for eight minutes reminiscing on their own travels to the top. Three stacks verse surpasses Ross’ due to Andre’s depiction being more illustrated. Some say Rick Ross saves himself from redundancy on this album only because of the celebratory soundscapes of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E league. I deem that to be an untrue statement. “God Forgives, I don’t” only touches the surface of Ross’ fight to triumph. Whenever I need inspiration to keep advancing, playing Rozay’s “Hold Me Back” on repeat is necessary. A gritty ballad made in the brain of man that might not have much to his name expressing through it all never let someone or something hold you back from your ambitions. The only problem I have with the album is the predictability of beat selection. Although the beats chosen for the project was suitable for the occasion when being a genuine Rick Ross admirer you tend to appreciate what sounds he loves to utilize and producers he shops with to fulfill his needs. God Forgives, I don’t will remain a great part of pop culture for a number of reasons. Initially Rick Ross is signed to Universal Music Group the worlds leading in music content. Also, 3 Kings Ft Dr. Dre and Jay Z a track from God Forgives, I don’t album will go down in hip-hop history. The latest album God

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