Rick Bragg's Story 'All Over But The Shoutin'

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Money Isn’t Everything Parents will always have an impact in a person’s life whether it’s positive or negative. Stability for my family was not as important to my father as being a wealthy business owner. My father never made it to my high school graduation or any of the other major events in my life because he put his business before his family. Even after his health has deteriorated, his attitude has not changed. Like Rick Braggs in his story “All Over But the Shoutin’”, I contemplate whether to forgive my father for being selfish or forgiving him since he is no longer healthy (157). My father’s negative attitude towards education is what gives me the drive to complete college and prove to him education is essential to my life. It has a major impact in my life and my views toward education because I see how important education really is. Stability for my family was never important for my father as running a successful business. My parents divorced when I was nine and my…show more content…
His life will be cut short because he never took the time to take care of himself and his health. He never went to doctors’ appointments and very often skipped vital meals and vitamins. He has lost a lot of weight and sometimes he looks emaciated. His vision has gotten so bad he has to reduce his work and has even thought about an early retirement. As a business owner he was required to work seven days a week for most of his life. He doesn’t have any regrets that he didn’t further his education so that one day he could work part-time for full-time pay. Sometimes I contemplate whether to continue to hate him for being selfish or forgive him because he tried so hard and his health eventually deteriorated. I look at him and his life and see that money doesn’t buy you everything. He has worked his whole life to become rich but does that really measure his

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