Richter Gideon Secutiry Essay

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Business Needs Richter Gedeon makes pharmaceutical products for distribution throughout the world. The company has offices in 30 countries and operates four manufacturing sites. During 2007, it completed acquisitions of other companies, including the largest pharmaceutical company in Poland. Now Richter Gedeon needs a solution that meets the challenges of securing its multinational IT environment. Additionally, the solution must help the company manage access to its network by its many contractors and vendors. Solution Richter Gedeon expects to begin deployment of the Windows Server® 2008 operating system in the first quarter of 2008. The company plans to test features such as Network Access Protection (NAP) during a pilot involving 100 computers in IT. A gradual deployment of the operating system is planned for the rest of the company. Benefits Richter Gedeon expects benefits including: ■ Improved security. The Network Access Protection feature will help Richter Gedeon ensure that all computers accessing its network comply with its computer health policies. It also will restrict the access of vendors and contractors to only prescribed resources on the company’s network. ■ Cost-effective deployment. Windows Server 2008 provides Richter Gedeon with an affordable solution because it is interoperable with the hardware and network devices that the company already has deployed. ■ Flexible foundation. The solution provides a flexible platform that can be easily configured to help Richter Gedeon meet the business challenges that accompany rapid growth. ----------------------- Fast Facts Customer: Richter Gedeon Web Site: Number of Employees: 8,400 Country or Region: Hungary Industry: Pharmaceuticals Customer Profile Richter Gedeon is the largest pharmaceutical company in Central Europe, with a multinational presence that includes

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