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Richest Man in Babylon Review

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"The Richest man in Babylon"

I found that "The richest man in Babylon" is a quite interesting   book. It is about a man who acquired great wealth by using basic financial principals. It shows how a few simple financial principles if applied can generate great wealth. Which I assume what everyone would like to have.
As I started reading the book I found that the language of the book   a bit strange, as the author attempts to sound like this is an authentic tale from the ancient days, but the messages are as clear as sunlight.
I think that the "seven cures for a lean purse" are great methods for saving money, some I thought were very easy to apply like the first one which is " Start thy purse to fattening"   that is to save 10% of your income. Also controlling the expenditure I thought this was a great point and everyone can apply. There are some other methods I thought were more difficult to apply like "make the gold multiply" which is investing the money and making the right choices for investment.   Another great addition in the book is "The five laws of gold"   which seem to give more guild lines on investing. The book was pretty clear that you should know a lot about the felid you wish to invest in, and that one should not invest in anything that promises absurdly good returns. These are points I will always put in mind when investing. Although, I am kind of worried about investing but I learned from the book that even the most   conservative of investments will pay better than cash stuffed in a mattress for a rainy day. If you do something, something will happen.
What I did not like about the book was the old language used which I thought was boring and did not add any value to the book.   There some point that I thought were repeated. The latter part of the book seemed aimless, as if some more stories were build in to add to the book’s length.
In conclusion, I enjoyed reading "The richest man in Babylon".   The book gives a clear message about financial guild...

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