Riche Dad Poor Dad Essay

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ri#2 “They react emotionally instead of using their heads”. What the author means by this quote, is that we let are emotions do all the thinking. For example, they get a few bucks in their hands, and again the emotion of joy and desire and greed takes over, and again they react, instead of think. I can relate to it, I have hard time reading out loud with others. It gives me the fear on not pronouncing the word right. So I look at the class and how many student are left be for I read and I count how many paragraphs are going to pass be for its my tern and I read it ahead. I react with fear of people making fun of me, when I get in class I go in going with fear of hopping to not reading today. I always struggle in my English classes when I was young so the old fear haunts me, to never rely participate in class. The so my emotions do all the thinking for me it has me trap of not spiking up in class. #3 “America is on the same course, proving once again that history repeats itself, because we do not learn from history” I think everyone has this in common in different was. What the author is saying that few only memorize historical dates and names, not the lessons. For example a life expirens a cause a devours. A man always use to hit his wife whenever he got drunk. The wife called the cops on him and pressed charges, she took them off because the husband told her he was not going to hit he agene she removed the charges, but the man still had a record. He did not hit her for the longest time, she gave him papers the right to stay in this country. Cupola years passed, and one day he came drunk home and hit her, and tries to force her of doing thing she did not feel like doing at the time. Till one day she decide no more, so she put charges on him and is divorcing him, and court is saying that they may teak his papers away. And now he is calling her that he wants

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