Richard Sng Rhetorical Analysis

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People strive to become important, to achieve this they dress nice, educate themselves and practice good manners. If an individual falls short in grammar, or vocabulary his or her entire effort can be thrown out the window regardless of how esteemed the individual is. Richard Sng is a scholar and in effort to acknowledge the importance of grammar he said, We can blow the image we have worked so hard to create, with the Giorgio Armani suit or the Calvin Klein dress, the moment we open our mouth to speak. That is, when we mispronounce or otherwise misuse words. Our value and credibility drop tremendously. Just as bad, while our wardrobe and looks may be in fashion, our vocabulary, the way and manner we speak, may simply be out of date. People must begin to realize the importance of word choice when talking to an individual or a group of people. Speech is an important thing to keep in mind when speaking with other people. The tone in which you talk to someone should range among…show more content…
In presidential elections people vote for or against a president and this vote is formed from a variety of influences specifically the words of other people. Peers debate amongst one another when making a large decision like determining the nation’s next president. Their choice of words must be persuasive and supported with factual information, otherwise the opposing side will not be persuaded. The candidates work hard to build up a strong influential appearance, yet a slip of words or a minor reaction to an incident can destroy their reputation in seconds. It is easy for society to slander another person’s name; these same words have the potential to influence the outcome of a future generation. Words are a powerful and influential tool that we have, one can gain power, one can become famous, and one can become rich. On the opposite spectrum a person can become helpless, hated and
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