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Education Does Not Necessarily Lead To Happiness Sometimes becoming more than what is expected of you is the real challenge. Throughout “The Achievement of Desire” essay, I gathered that Richard Rodriguez was captivated with learning. He was infatuated with reading literature. Although Rodriguez was interested in school his parents would still always give him a hard time. For example, both his parents would always ask, “what do you see in your books?” (p.516). Therefore, Rodriguez would always feel more comfortable when he was at school. The reason being could communicate with his fellow classmates and teachers and get feedback on what they were being educated about. He stated in his essay that working-class children “somehow they learn to live in the two very different worlds of their day” (p.518). This was not always the outcome of working-class children. Rodriguez overcame the odds and was one of the top students in his class. His teachers would even compare the other students to him and ask the students why there were not more students with his enthusiasm to learn. Eventually Rodriguez became tired of this monotonous routine and started looking back on his culture and began to miss his family. Starting off, Rodriguez initiated such a desire to become more than his parents in society. He began education young, excelled in his classes, and showed an incredible interest in learning. Above all else, he loved to read and took advantage of every chance he got. For example, while he was supposed to be sleeping or helping around the house, he would be reading instead. One time his dad even found him reading in a closet. His family did not understand his infatuation with reading. His father could not fathom how reading a book could make you tired? His father had the mentality that if it was not hard laborious work that it could not physically drain you. Even his

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