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Richard Jewell During the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Richard Jewell was working security for a local college. On the night of July 27, three pipe bombs were placed in the Centennial Park, the ‘town square’ of the games. Jewell discovered the suspicious package and alerted the ATF agent that was in the area and began evacuating people that were near the package. The bomb detonated and one person was killed, 111 people were injured. If not for Jewell the casualties could have been much worse. For the first couple of days after the bombing Jewell was hailed as a hero by the media. Everything changed for him though when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution published the headline, “FBI suspects hero guard may have planted bomb.”…show more content…
All cases have been settled out of court, except for Cox Enterprises, which is still fighting it. Though The Post and NBC settled out of court on the cases both still stand by their stories. Jewell said he never received thanks from anyone after he was declared innocent. Even after it was clear he didn’t do it, he was still so tainted that nobody wanted to be associated with him. Jewell later died in 2007 of natural causes relating to diabetes and heart disease at the age of 44. "I don't think I will ever get that back. The first three days, I was supposedly their hero, the person who saves lives. They don't refer to me that way anymore. Now I am the Olympic Park bombing suspect. That's the guy they thought did it." There are many ethical issues that are raised from this case. The media seemed to act prematurely and ran many stories with incomplete or unreliable information. In the effort to be sensational, an innocent man, who acted very heroically, was torn apart by media stories that were hunting his past for things that would make him out to be a bomber. In a country that follows the motto “innocent until proven guilty,” the media as a whole presumed an innocent man guilty until it was proven

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