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At the beginning of the play Richard expresses his determination to “prove a villain”. What strategies does he employ to carry out his resolve? Throughout the play Richard employs several strategies to prove to himself and the audience that he truly is the villain that he claims to be. Richard employs several of his evil strategies in order to take the throne and also to appease his twisted sense of entertainment. Richard starts his campaign to prove he is evil by setting his two brothers against each other in order for Edward to eliminate Clarence so that Richard may make it one step closer to the throne. One of Richards more evil plans is to seduce Anne and marry her even though he feels no love for the women whose husband and father in law he killed in cold blood. Richards’s lies are consistent through the play as he manipulates and deceives his way to the throne and is the last way that he attempts to prove himself a villain. The love and compassion felt by fellow family members is lost on the twisted Richard who deceives and manipulates his brothers into hating each other to the point where Edward uses his power to send his brother Clarence to prison. One of Richards’s skills is the ability to influence the actions on almost all the other characters in the play except for the majority of the women who see him for the villain that he truly is. Richard does this by adopting several personalities that play on the compassionate side of the person he is trying to persuade, for Clarence Richard adopts the personality of the adoring brother who loves Clarence more than life. This is shown when the murderers that Richard has sent to kill Clarence in prison tell Clarence the truth and he still does not believe them saying “Oh, no, he loves me, and holds me dear.” This shows the extent of Richards’s deception that even when faced with the truth Clarence denies it not

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