Richard Branson Essay

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Analyse Richard Branson in terms of his leadership qualities. What is leadership? For that matter what is effective leadership? The questions that could be asked in consideration of this could well outstrip the answers for it is the context that matters most. It could be said that leadership is when the individual or individuals in charge accomplish the goals, objectives, duties and responsibilities they have planned to achieve and have enlisted other individuals to follow and or join them. It could also be said that leadership is the ability to motivate others to commit themselves to the attainment of a goal. Historically from Genghis Khan, to Alexander the Great, the Roman Emperor Augustus, Julius Caesar, Richard the Lionheart, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and hundreds of names not included here leaders have risen to the forefront in their era. But what is leadership? Each example, not to mention the hundreds not included, all exercised and demonstrated leadership in ways which were different as well as unique from others. The brutal leadership of Genghis Khan was a polar opposite from the passive and quiet leadership of Gandhi. So is leadership the recognition of how to marshal resources and people at a particular point in time by understanding the mood and temper of the people, as well as the critical components inherent in the objectives? Or are leadership qualities constant, displaying inherent characteristics that in differing degrees can be found in examples of leadership throughout history? Is it something that a person is born with, inherits, or is learned? Is there a psychological profile that identifies a leader, and if so are there different psychological attributes that can identify a great leader? And if these traits can be somehow quantified, are there other qualities which are present in differing

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