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Branson states it simply, “If you have a highly motivated staff you can achieve anything. If you have a demoralized staff your company will soon disappear.” Motivation is the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Richard Branson has never lacked self motivation as a result of continuously creating and seeking new challenges to overcome. Branson transcends his natural self motivation into his unique, hands off management style which emphasizes employee job happiness and comfortable relationships. Self motivation was never an issue in Branson’s career as an entrepreneur and business man. From starting Student magazine at age 16 to creating a dominant power in the recording industry, Branson always had a desire to seek out new challenges. This may have rooted from his parents because they did not view his learning troubles as a limitation and encouraged him to find and pursue his strengths by trying as many new things as possible. (1). At the start of Branson’s first venture, Student Magazine, his convictions were the underlying motivator. Branson wanted people to hear his views and was willing to exude hard work in order to assure this happened. Branson soon began to feel a sense of enjoyment and purpose--a major theme in all of Branson’s motivation techniques-- which transitioned his efforts into the music and recording business. Of course, love and passion is not always a the best self motivator if success is never attained. Thus, Branson’s second key to self motivation is moving forward, rather than moving back. For example, in the wake of the U.K’s recession of the 1970’s Branson had a choice to consolidate or keep growing. In response Branson bought two night clubs and invested profits back into his music industry in order to create success and limit losses. The

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