Rich Getting Richer and Poor Getting Poorer Essay

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RICH GETTING RICHER AND POOR GETTING POORER:Where are we heading? India was the richest country in the world until the British invasion in the early 17thcentury.We were the most developed in terms of economy, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and science. Our riches attracted millions to build trade bonds with us, and one fine day the British seeped into our nation to suck our nation’s wealth, dignity and reputation. Well, I have said all this not to blame the British for our present state of misery. If there is anyone to blame for the way we are today, it is us. We are like this only because of us and we are completely responsible for it. A couple of centuries ago, the British began to suck our wealth, and now we ourselves are doing so. The ever widening economic inequality The economic equality in our nation has doubled in our country in the last two decades. And this has made India the worst performer amongst the developing nations. What is more ‘contributing’ to this widening phenomenon is that the top 10 % of the economy earn 12 times more than the bottom 10 %. When it comes to the middle line of the economy, that is the middle class, it is again the top 10 % that calls the shots. They make 5 times more than the median people, while the medians make just 0.4 % more than the bottom 10 %. ‘The rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer’ – this is a common inclusion in political speeches and socio-centred films and documentaries. But the reality that is hidden behind those words is one of misery, despair and agony. The fact of rising inequality is not really surprising, as the government offers a massive 4.6 lakh crore in tax exemptions while subsidies for the poor and the farmers harbour an amount of 1.5 lakh crore. Can we rely on our Government? Definitely no. Relying on our government is what has kept us still developing, despite the fact that
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