Rich Get Richer

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Ignorance is not an option. After reading the book entitled The Rich get Richer while the Poor Get Prisoned by Jeffery Reiman, I discovered that ignorance is not an option. The book gave me a new perspective being liberal and working for the state criminal justice system. Things that I thought about when I first started with the state came up again. The book focuses on protecting society, getting tough on corporate crime, and promoting justice. This book is strong in suggesting equality regardless of income. Reiman argues that in a modern free society poverty brings with it conditions that breed crime. In order to put an end to crime producing poverty he suggests providing high quality education, investing in inner cities, job training,…show more content…
Reiman argues that dealers charge high process because the drug is illegal and they are taking a risk. In order to pay the high prices addicts resort to crime. The point is, if harmless drugs such as marijuana were legal, we would have less people under the control of the criminal justice system increasing their chances of employment. One understands that it is not reasonable to legalize all drugs, especially those that are extremely addictive. However, the addictions must be treated as medical problems and the addicted must be treated as patients rather than criminals. Correctional programs must promote personal responsibility and offer ex-offenders real preparation and a real opportunity to succeed as law-abiding citizens. Prison systems promote rather than reducing crime. Reiman suggests training offenders at a marketable skill, assuring then the right to equally compete for jobs after release, and utilizing the time of punishment in such a way that promotes personal responsibility. I found after reading the chapters on this that this is so true. I applied this to life as I see it and it works. As a correctional officer, I know that offenders do need to have a more opportunity at the job market, and that addicts need treatment as patients not a normal
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