Rich brute slays negro mother of 10

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Until now we don’t see there is much equality in life but it’s more recognized than the past, being brought up in an international school I learnt that color doesn’t make a difference, we are all equal human beings. With these two texts provided titled “Rich brute slays negro mother of 10”, these are two accounts of the same incident one is in the form of a newspaper report and the other is a song. Both texts therefore share common theme of elitism and racism in life. I will first being my analysis with the theme in both texts, both texts share common theme of elitism and racism in life as I mentioned above, Being of the same genres they clearly share the same focus and deal with the subject matter in contrasting ways. The theme is very clear as we read; it helps us as the readers to understand that there were lots of racial issues going on and how people degrade other people by treating them unfairly just because they are lower class or black. In the song the writer says “William zantzinger killed poor Hattie Carroll”, we know that Mrs. Carroll was poor, the use of the term “poor” intensifies that she was killed because she was poor, also in the newspaper report the writes says “Mrs. Hattie carroll,51, negro waitress dies last week” again the use of the term “negro” is closely linked to racism, this captures the audiences attention and makes us think this is the reason to her death, so its clearly shown throughout reading both texts. I now come to my second point with the structure, we can tell the style of the text is informative in the newspaper report because it’s stating the factual and something that already happened, however the song provides us with information but with more feeling to it, there are run on lines to provide us with a flow when reading the songs, I think it has a melodic style of text due to the uncomplex melodic lines that repeat,
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