Rich and Famous

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Rich and famous Fast cars, private yachts and jets are all toys of the upper income earners in our society. All these people have one thing in common- being rich. Being rich implies that you have a substantial amount of wealth and being famous implies that you are widely known. However, being rich does not necessary mean that u are widely known as people can be rich without being famous. In this essay, we will look at people who are famous in the various ways they have amassed their wealth in their own lifetimes, through means that are exclusive of their family’s wealth or influence; some of these people who are most commonly noted in our daily lives can be categorized into the business sector, media, or sports scenes. To survive in the business scene today, it take more than just hard work. Being farsighted and the willingness to take risks are the x-factors found in successful businessmen and these traits do not only bring them the wealth but also the fame. An example of such entrepreneurs is Bill Gates. He is famously known for inventing the Windows Software and turning it into one of the most profitable companies of all time; earning him the title of the “World Richest Man” countlessly among the annual Forbes list. He started from scratch; by the wheel of chance and his courage to venture, he achieved his fame and wealth today. Another example would be Donald Trump; who has amassed his wealth through his ventures from real estate and in media. These risk-takers are famous in becoming rich in the scene with belong to the few of business. The next category of famous people who have earned their riches from the media scenes would be the celebrities. Our idols from the big screens have used their talent in acting or singing to gain fame which made them their fortune. Famous rapper Jay-Z bought a 20 carat wedding ring for his wife Beyoncé which cost a whopping
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