Rhythm and Blues, an Invigorating Creation

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English 101 Rhythm and Blues, an Invigorating Creation African-Americans have experienced great adversity throughout their history; the era of slavery, continuing struggles with poverty in many communities, unfair labor and civil rights, etc. Partly because of these hardships, both past and present, African-Americans have effected many cultural changes within their communities. One of the more prolific changes was the creation of Rhythm and Blues. Rhythm and Blues is by far the most invigorating culturally-filled creation by African-Americans. Its artistic and unique styles assisted with breaking down racial barriers by proving a voice that resonated throughout America and the world. As African-Americans transitioned to more urban areas and their social and economic status began to change, so did their musical progression. Many different “negro sounds” emerged around the same time of Rhythm and Blues, but of all those genres it had and still has one of the most profound sounds in the music industry. Sure, Rhythm and Blues originated from genre styles such as gospel, jazz and blues, but what made it so refreshing was that it combined all of those styles and made a brand new sound to give back to the people. This new style of music consisted of constant rhythms (as stated in the name of the genre) and different instruments such as; saxophones, drums, bass guitars, and the human voice, simultaneously playing together to generate a sound that focused on the failures and triumphs of African-American culture as a whole. Rhythm and Blues artists communicated this focus to their audience through the use of rhythmic tones, mellow production, and the passionate emotion of striving to be a successful community. During the civil rights era, Rhythm and Blues intensively focused on racial issues and segregation. African-Americans of that time period used Rhythm and Blues as
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