Rhetorical Thinking Essay

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English 101 10/3/2014 English 101 10/3/2014 Critical Interpretive Essay on “Objectivity” “Objectivity” by Brooke Gladstone is a comic strip that discusses reporter’s opinions intermingling with their work, and more importantly the influence media has on society. Gladstone takes us on a tour through time discussing the history of reporting for the newspaper, and then does the same with television. Her work contains facts through historic events and opinions acted out by characters. I found Brooke Gladstone’s purpose was to remind her audience that the media is there to strictly give you facts, and with those facts you should form your own opinion. She made it loud and clear that the media’s intent should never be to persuade you. Gladstone brought this information to her audience in the form of a serious toned comic strip, which made me question why not write this as a normal, paragraphed paper? The comic strip in Gladstone’s work contained three different types of characters. The first character was the girl with curly black hair, she played the narrator. Next were the rich newspaper owners, these were played by the men with authority. The last types of characters used were the general public. I found it important in distinguishing these three types of characters for many reasons. The main reason being, you could have a better interpretation of the comic strip as a whole. While grouping these characters into three different categories I realized something important. I believe that the curly back haired girl represents the author of this piece. The general public in the comic strip represents the part of her audience that she’s trying to teach to not be persuaded by the media, and come up with their own beliefs based on facts and their own ethics. Lastly I believe that the big business owners represent the big newspaper corporations that she’s
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