Rhetorical Strategies of Why I Write

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Rhetorical Strategies of Why I Write Why I Write is an essay written by George Orwell, in which he explains why he writes and why he believes other people write. In this essay he tells the reader about his personal experiences and how the effected his writings. In this essay he uses rhetoric in order to get a deeper meaning on why people write. In this essay George Orwell uses a couple of different rhetorical strategies to get his point across. One of the strategies he used was personal experiences. The first part of the essay goes into detail on Orwell's child hood, and how even at a young age he knew he was going to be a writer. Orwell using his personal experiences shows us that he is a person like you and me. In order to understand a writer, you need to understand the factors that shaped him and the way he reacted to those factors. Another rhetorical strategy Orwell uses is Classification. In which he classifies why people write into four reasons. The first one is “Sheer Egoism”, this means that people write for an ego boost. They want to be remembered for something and not just another face in the crowd. The second is “Aesthetic enthusiasm” which means the desire to make ones writing look and sound good. The third is “Historical impulse” which is the desire to find new facts and store them for use of posterity. The fourth and final reason people write according to Orwell is “Political purpose”. In which they try to sway the world in a certain

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