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CONFLICT ANAYLSIS OF STEEL MAGNOLIAS: CLIMATES, GENDER & POWER STRUGGLES Jason Striker NAU – GCC ABSTRACT “…the movie is primarily a celebration of the love, strength, and compassion of six Louisianian women which by examining the conflictual climates and how they are mediated, along with the differences in gendered conflict styles, while lastly understanding the power exchanges within relationships will allow us to relate these strategies to our own lives. We will see that although the relationships in this movie are steadfast and loving, they are also challenged by events that trigger conflicts that bring about introspection, growth, death, but above all an increase in the quality of the relationships making them as tough as steel magnolias.” Keywords: Power, gendered, conflictual, climates, introspection, struggle Steel Magnolias is the story of six small-town southern women who care deeply about each other and accompany one another through the conflicts that affect our human condition. At the heart of the story is M'LynnEatenton and her sweetly effervescent but diabetic daughter Shelby. The mother and daughter love each other, yet struggle for control of Shelby's life. Despite warnings from doctors that pregnancy might involve complications that could be life-threatening, Shelby decides - much to M'Lynn's chagrin - to have a child. A year later, as a result of childbearing, her kidneys fail. In an act of love that transforms their maternal bond, M'Lynn donates one of her kidneys to save Shelby's life. The reprieve is short-lived, pun intended, however; Shelby later dies from kidney-related complications. Four loyal friends, who help them through the trials and tribulations that cause conflict, support the two women with love and laughter. This group includes Truvy, the high-spirited "glamour specialist" who loves to gossip at her beauty

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