Rhetorical Devices Used In Box Man

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The excerpt from Barbara Lazear Ascher’s “Box Man” expresses tones of acceptance and motivation. The tones help shape the theme of the excerpt which is human loneliness. The excerpt also includes rhetorical devices such as enumeratio, and exemplum which is providing examples and explaining them. These rhetorical devices show how loneliness affects those who don’t accept it worse than those who are indifferent about being alienated from others. Barbara is able to further explain her theme in the excerpt through her diction. “We might as well draw the night around us and find solace there and a friend in our own voice.” Here Barbara’s word choice reveals that it is better to accept loneliness early in life rather than to ignore the fact that humans are lonely. In doing so humans are more able to withstand the fact that when all ends we are left abandoned. “He, declares what we all know in the secret passages of our own nights, that although we long for perfect harmony, communion; and blending with another soul, this is a solo voyage.” Here the author likewise uses her diction to show that people tend to look for a person that matches there unique qualities when in reality there is…show more content…
First the author observes the Box Man carefully watching what he does. This observance shows how people are supposed to be living their lives. People are not suppose to live life pleasing others they should only seek to please themselves. Next the author analyzes two peoples life’s showing how people suffer in trying to avoid loneliness. Her analysis shows that in pretending to have friends people suffer more when they find that in reality nobody has friends. Finally the author explains to the reader that it is better to accept loneliness. The author explains that loneliness is a part of life; loneliness makes up our life’s; life was meant to live lonely. That is how the excerpt is

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