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t Gloriously Persuasive Rhetorical Devices (Yes, it’s okay to love them, but with great power comes great responsibility) Directions: The brackets on the left hand side in each category below indicate the 13 rhetorical devices you must use or have a choice of using in your speech. You are welcome to use as many additional rhetorical devices as you feel are appropriate to your speech, but be sure to include all 13 of the required ones. Repetition ➢ anaphora – repetition of the same word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses ➢ anadiplosis – repetition of the last word of one clause at the beginning of the next clause. ➢ epanalepsis – repetition of the first word of a clause at the end of the same clause ➢ epistrophe – repetition of the same word or phrase at the end of successive clauses ➢ parallelism (repetition) –intentional repetition of the same grammatical structure, which may also include a repeated word or phrase, in the same structural position at least 3 times in nearby sentences or segments of a sentence. ➢ consonance - intentional repetition of 3 or more consonant sounds among nearby words ➢ assonance - intentional repetition of 3 or more vowel sounds among nearby words ➢ slogan – a repeated phrase or idea that identifies the audience with an essential concept of a speech/campaign. Sentence Structure ➢ parallelism (syntax) - intentional balancing clauses within a sentence to create equality of development between ideas (a.k.a. balanced sentence); ➢ rhetorical fragment – intentional use of a sentence fragment to emphasize an idea ➢ rhetorical question – question intentionally posed to generate thought, but not intended to be answered Syntax Manipulation ➢ asyndeton – deliberate omission of conjunctions in a series of related clauses ➢

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