Rhetorical Analysis: We Ve Heard It All Before

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“We’ve heard it all before” Candidates start campaigning as early as January of the election year for the vote of the American people to be elected President of the United States. The tool most used in campaigning is commercials. A campaign commercial is meant to help a voter become aware of the particular subjects, so the voter can make a rational decision. They are paid for by the candidate’s, their individual political parties, as well as individuals and unaffiliated parties. One example of this is the PCL.Stanford.Edu (PCL) is an online website that house videos and articles of all political parties. In one of the videos “We’ve heard it all before” the Republican candidate, Governor Mitt Romney intends to persuade the American people to disprove the Democratic incumbent President, Barack Obama by stating what he said four years ago is the same thing he is saying today and those promises are not fulfilled. This…show more content…
“We’ve heard it all before” only provides clips of the President’s speeches and it does not allow the viewer to see the whole picture, between what is presented and the actual facts. The Governor uses the alleged clips of speeches to undermine the Presidents intent. The voters are shown commercial clips of the President being unconcerned about the unemployment rate, the drowning economy, and the lack of responsiveness of foreign affairs. Consequently, the commercial plays on the emotion of the voters’ guilt; for putting this President in office in 2008 hoping he would do what he said. Condemnation; if the voter allows this to go on another four years. And urgency; the Governor would have the voters believe that it is imperative that if he is put in office the nation would be better off. In that case, voters should use their common sense and reference a reputable website, to fact check the clips of speeches to find out the truth for
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