Rhetorical Analysis: 'Redefining And Dealing With Bullying'

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Unique Hickson Brown English 004 Section 4 Writing Assignment #3: Rhetorical Analysis (rough draft) 25 October 2013 “Redefining and Dealing with Bullying” is a magazine article from Momentum, vol. 36, no. 2, written by Dillon, Josephine C. and Lash, Rebecca M., published April/ May 2005. In this article they’re discussing bullying. A seven year old boy finally fought back, after being bullied for over 2 years. He begged him to leave him alone, he even confessed to teachers what was going on, but nothing worked. The bully abused the kid no matter how hard he tried to escape him. This young man and among many others get bullied everyday, making it difficult and unsafe for students to attend school. As horrific as this little boy’s story is, just…show more content…
Other phrases and words they go on to use are; “drag-out fight”, “sits alone in the principals office”, “tears streaming”, “By power, we mean differences in strength, confidence, status or aggressiveness”, “gender-related”, “a bullied student is a terrorized youth” and lastly “breaking the bullying cycle”. These quotes from the article have so much emotion in them they make you feel fro the seven you old, or better yet all kids who get bullied. It makes you want to put a stop to it immediately. The writers used logos in the paper also. They quoted several people; Dan Olweus a forerunner in bullying research and prevention, Dr. Jessie Klein and Astor Meyer and Behre. They also give us an example of a survey conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide. Their sources are reliable and dependable people so they also did a great job on the logos aspect. Overall the article was really proficient at convincing me that bullying is not acceptable. They don’t come out and say who they are writing the article for, but I believe it’s for kids and adults to get aware of bullying and speak up. The tone of the article seemed to be feed up, yet also a bit of empathy. The writers do this by the structure of the article; they first go to tell the boys story, then goes into depth on

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