Rhetorical Analysis: Racism Is Still Prevalent Today

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It is true that “We the People of the United States” have progressed from lynching and segregated restrooms, but racism still lingers within modern day life. I am sure that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would be eminently proud of the steps of progression that we have made when it comes to racism and segregation, but old habits still haunt us from every corner of our nation. The steady push to confront the racial problems in the United States is being looked at frequently. “Racism is Still Prevalent Today” and “Confronting Racism Honestly, Responsibly” are two editorials that take a deeper look into how racism still affects our country today. Both articles use the argument appeals of ethos, logos, and pathos to reveal the views of the writers to their readers.…show more content…
This argument appeal was not the most apparent, but both writers established credibility. In “Racism is Still Prevalent Today,” the writer brings about a lot of facts and numbers. He/she references the US Census and US Departments of Justice and Labor to support his or her argument. Due to the large amount of numbers, then the writer can definitely be considered credible. The audience is being told numerous statistics. Statistics are very believable. Ethos is hidden when the reader begins reading “Confronting racism honestly, responsibly.” In this piece, it is the writer’s tone that makes him or her credible. The writer explains that the readers should confront racism in a positive way and use a “sophisticated educational approach.” The writer continues with vivid language describing how often the “N-word” gets tossed around. Sometimes, being straight forward with the reader is the gateway to gaining his or her trust and with this, a credibility level is
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