Rhetorical Devices In The Chase By Annie Dillard

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In her short story “The Chase,” Annie Dillard effectively applies rhetorical devices to advance her theme of never give up on what you are doing, no matter how hard it gets or how impossible the task at hand feels and always give you’re all. The short story is about a seven year old Annie who was with her friends throwing snowballs at passing cars. But on one afternoon, one of the cars stop and the driver gets out to pursue the children throwing the snowballs. Through the use of strong diction, Dillard effectively advances her theme throughout the short story. This is seen early on in the story with phrases such as “If you hesitated in fear, you would miss and get hurt” and “But if you flung yourself wholeheartedly at the back of his knees… then you likely wouldn’t get hurt, and you’[d] stop the ball.” This shows that the only way to succeed is to always give everything you have. If you hesitate, even for a spit second, you…show more content…
The varied syntax is evident in these lines “We listened perfunctorily indeed, if we listened at all, for the chewing out was redundant, a mere formality, and beside the point. The point was that he had chased us passionately without giving up, and so he had caught us. Now he came down to earth. I wanted the glory to last forever.” The use of long and short sentences mimics the path that Dillard and the boy had to run when the man was chasing them. The words “if we listened at all” reflect Dillard’s feelings of she knew she had given the chase her all, and was on cloud nine instead of listening to the “redundant” and “mere formality” scolding that the man was giving them, which ties back to the theme of never giving up. The line “I wanted the glory to last forever” also ties back to the theme of never giving up because you fell accomplished when you try your best, which can also be translated into feeling

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