Rhetorical Analysis on Fitness Ads

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Sharon Rayburn English 102 Tues.-Thur. 6-7:30 Rhetorical Analysis INSANITY AD The majority of consumers are not very informed about well-preserved eating habits and the correct exercise activity required to stay or become a healthy individual. They seem to be oblivious to the correct patterns of the food pyramid, and how much time and effort, that should be put fourth for the acceptable exercise regime. Majority of consumers are often looking for that quick fix to obtain the “perfect body”. So many TV commercials or late night infomercials have a strong approach in convincing the public that their product is unlike any others and has possibilities of becoming their easy way to having the perfect body. It's becoming so common to see this among the majority of fitness ads five to ten different ones, promising extremely unrealistic results. How do these ads work so well? The numbers one reason is that they do a good job at putting credible people in the commercials such as; physicians, famous celebrities, and real-life individuals. The physicians show scans or test results explaining how this workout system differs from others and stand out on so many levels. Everyone looks up to famous celebrities on some level, so putting them on the ads makes consumer imagine how this workout regime could possibly make them more like celebrities. Then the most convincing part of ads like insanity is when they place real individuals, who show their before and after photos, further conviencing consumers of the value and the prospects that the results are obtainable for the average Joe. As well as adding so called free gifts, lowering the or elimanating a payment or two the longer youy watch the ad. All of the above is what holds the consumers attention and eventually hooks you like a person throwing a line of bait just to get that big

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