Rhetorical Analysis Of The Great Influenza By John M Barry

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AP English III September 2, 2012 IWA #1 Scientific research is viewed as a simple task. However, gathering data about the unknown world is extremely complicated and requires intelligence, passion, and creativity. John M. Barry wrote a passage about scientific research in The Great Influenza. He utilizes multiple rhetorical strategies to display the trials and triumphs of being a scientist. In the opening paragraph, John M. Barry begins to create the theme that science creates uncertainty and doubt. He writes about how uncertainty creates weakness and certainty creates strength. However, science creates uncertainty, not certainty. Barry explains that a successful scientist must be able to embrace uncertainty, rather than be afraid of it. In lines eleven through thirteen, John M. Barry writes about Claude Bernard, the great French physiologist of the nineteenth century. She once said “Science teaches us to doubt.” Barry also quotes Einstein in lines fourteen through nineteen when he writes “Einstein refused to accept his own theory until his predictions were tested.” These quotes help develop the theme that scientific discoveries can change our beliefs, and create doubt. Although we may believe…show more content…
Barry asks a series of questions to evoke thought from the reader. He talks about many different situations in which a scientist can run into a problem that he does not know how to fix. These questions also help create the theme that science creates uncertainty in many ways. They show that there are so many factors that go into making a new discovery, and that only those who accept uncertainty will succeed. Also, in the beginning of the paragraph, Barry talks about how a scientist must do harsh work when discovering new things, because so much is unknown about their discovery. This shows that in order to succeed, scientists must be determined and willing to put in a huge amount of work in order to gain knowledge about new
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