Rhetorical Analysis Of The Daily Show

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Venie Pham Professor Litton Writing 39B 21 October 2012 Rough Draft The Daily Show is an anomaly from the usual 24-hour news channels, and uses a plethora of rhetorical techniques to obtain the attention of young viewers who do not normally watch the news. The host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, parodies a news channel with the flashy intros and his professional appearance that imitates a newscaster. The use of sarcasm, profanity, and strange forms of diction compared to regular news channels makes the younger audience laugh and keep them intrigued, as well as help them understand and relate to the politics of today. The Daily Show uses its rhetorical humor to tackle the ambiguous side of politics and portray to the cynical audience…show more content…
In June 2012, Fox News released a tape about Obama breaking his oath to help immigration and it seemed as if he was contradicting himself and not prioritizing it. The Fox news caster stated, before the unveiling of the tape, “Let me play this for the audience so they can understand and fully grasp here the magnitude of what he did on Friday.” Fox made it clear that they wanted the audience to “fully” grasp a lie. Stuart on the “Daily Show” showed the full tape instead of only a portion of the tape like Fox, and display to his cynical audience how deceptive Fox truly is. The full tape revealed how Obama, in reality is still prioritizing and reinforcing his beliefs, unlike how Fox interpreted it. On the “Daily Show” Stuart, after broad casting the corrupted video, used a sarcastic tone and commended Fox for showing such a shocking video and even apologize for past “mistakes” of ridiculing Fox. He fabricates this scenario to build up a false sense of admiration of Fox, only to bluntly humiliate them and shatter their reputation. He rhetorically does this to amplify his point and mock the audience of Fox for being gullible. Stewart broadcast the original video to compare his credibility versus Fox, so he can gain more reliability and further appeal to the cynical…show more content…
Stewart establishes an ethos as a reliable formal newscaster, which gives him credibility for the young audience to believe. Although being informal with his rhetorical techniques and straight-forward, gives him reliability because he is being bluntly honest. Since his show is a parody of a news channel, he is able to “jokingly” speak his mind about politics without the restraints of being on a real one. Stewart is able to deliver accurate news compare to other media and is trusted among the cynical

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