Rhetorical Analysis Of Tear Down This Wall

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I watched the video speech entitled “Tear Down This Wall” by President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan made this very effective persuasive speech on June 12, 1987. He was speaking to the citizens of West Berlin to persuade them to join the United States crusade in having the Berlin wall torn down. While he was speaking, President Reagan looked very earnest and sympathetic towards the people of West Berlin. At the same time, he was had a very determined tone to his voice. His body language showed he believed in what he was saying, that this was a matter of utmost importance to him. When asking Mr. Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall, he looked directly at the camera as if he were speaking directly to him. His eyes were wide open, and his fist was lightly pounding the podium. A written version of this speech would most certainly not been as effective. The different…show more content…
He also included the results that tearing down the wall would create. He was very direct and very matter-of-fact, making sure that Mr. Gorbachev was aware that our country would help them through the country through their economic woes if he would consider eliminating the Soviet missiles they were building. He also asked him to tear down the Berlin wall. The effect, at least in the crowd, was highly enthusiastic and hopeful. President Reagan used a combination of logic and emotion to get his point across. He provided many statistics regarding the Soviet Union’s advance in promoting peace and harmony with the United States and Berlin. He cited examples of political prisoners being released, broadcasts not being jammed on television anymore and economic enterprise was operating under less state control. But he also made a promise to support the country throughout the tougher times, and pleaded with Mr. Gorbachev to come to the Berlin Wall gate and meet
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