Rhetorical Analysis Of Ronald Reagan's Evil Empire

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The speech which I have chosen to analyze is Ronald Reagan’s Evil Empire. This rhetoric was extremely important historically due to its risky proposals of nuclear weapon development and encouragement in prolonging the United States and Soviet Union’s cold war. In the 1980’s Ronald Reagan had taken control of the presidency during an extremely vulnerable time in American history. The United States and the Soviet Union were currently the two world super powers, and held profoundly different economic and political beliefs. Due to these differences, the two countries were caught up in the infamous cold war. The cold war was a sustained state of political and military tensions between the former countries. The most dangerous component of this war was the nuclear arms race.…show more content…
The accumulation of these weapons was extremely troubling for the entire world. Ronald Reagan’s speech “Evil Empire” addresses the cold war head on, encouraging the war’s continued tensions and further development of nuclear weapons. Ultimately, I believe this speech is working to strengthen the cold war by setting American’s against the Soviet Union through emphasizing ideological differences and through the creation of fear and urgency in Americans. Reagan uses multiple rhetorical strategies to achieve this, including repetition, pathos, and various epidictic speech strategies, mainly creating a Manichean world view between the United States and the Soviet Union. His underlying goal is to gain support from Americans to continue forth in the cold war by opposing the Soviet Union and supporting nuclear weapon

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