Rhetorical Analysis Of Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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As in his powerful work Letter from Birmingham Jail clearly shows, Martin Luther King Jr, confined in a Birmingham prison cell in Alabama, successfully attempts to defend the widespread actions and movements of his and many motivated fellow human rights activists and strives to achieve equality and acceptance in the overly discriminating American society indifferent to the earnest appeals of millions of Black citizens. In his lengthy letter, King makes brilliant use of pathos, ethos and logos and powerfully conveys his messages directly to clergymen, but also to the public as a whole. His letter contains cohesive and heart-moving contents embellished with vivid examples and accounts in order to address his vehement protest about the injustice African American have suffered. King’s use of pathos in many parts of his letter allows readers to strongly empathize with his feelings and feel a stronger connection with him as an equal citizen of America and the world. He makes his point by clearly conveying to the public how the Black people in America have been maltreated and the desperate and sincere reason to keep demanding equal rights for all. His tone becomes intense and tightly grabs the sentiments of many people as he mentions various examples in meticulous detail and gives each case a unique weight and voice of its own; this allows many to truly understand King’s underlying…show more content…
King’s use of pathos, ethos and logos clearly delivered his message to the public and helped bring more public attention to the previously overlooked matter of inferior civil rights of African
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