Rhetorical Analysis of Lance Armstrong

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In How Aggressive Narcissism Explains Lance Armstrong, published in the January 2013 issue of The Atlantic, Joseph Burgo argues that Lance Armstrong experience a challenge to his self-imagery as vicious attack. Lance Armstrong also ridiculed the masseuse Emma O’Reily for telling the truth about his doping. Lance Armstrong admitted having forbidden drugs, and psychologists think it’s a cause from his chaotic childhood. The narcissists wants to be a winner and not a loser. The only thing that matters to Armstrong is victory and he would do whatever to protect his self-image. However, some think his victories were just too unbelievable; his winnings were in fact due to cheating. In the interview Armstrong confessed to Oprah that all of his Tour wins were, in part, due to the use of performance boosting drugs. The story of an American hero, who had conquered cancer then crushed his competition, now lay tattered and torn. I agree with Joseph Burgo when he wants the readers to try to understand why Lance Armstrong acts the way he does. Being abandoned by someone that’s so important in your life could change you forever. Also, having to deal with parents going through a divorce at such a long age could be hurtful. My parents’ divorce when I was seven, and it was a process to go through especially for my youngest sibling seemingly it’s a boy. No child, especially a male should have to grow up without a father. A male figure and your life teaches you all the manly things and what is right from wrong. Joseph Burgo states “…children who grow up in broken families, especially boys without a father to admire and emulate, are more vulnerable to a wide range of social problems and emotional difficulties”. I accede with Burgo, many males turn gay because they have no one to look up to. For instance, my younger brother has a lot of feminine tendencies compared to my older brother

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