Rhetorical Analysis Of Kenneth Cole's Fashion Advertising

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The Kenneth Cole ad, is a persuasive fashion advertisement designed to influence women to buy their handbags and clothing products. As the reader pays close attention to the text and visible signs, they will realize there is another message that suggests not on the handbag the reader should choose, but for the reader to take a stance on their view of abortion. The main rhetorical purpose here appears not just to persuade readers to admire fashion, but to reveal another audience of readers, women with a choice. That women are displayed as confident, fashionable human beings that have a stance in such controversial topics. Women’s fashion magazines rarely have advertisements that deal with controversial, political or moral topics. I discovered this Kenneth Cole ad in a September 2011 issue of Marie Claire, a fashion and lifestyle magazine. Flipping through countless monotone advertisements, this particular ad captured my attention. It was a black and white, Kenneth Cole, double page ad. On one side of the ad, large text reads, “Should it be a woman’s right to choose if she’s the one carrying it?” It also has a website under the quote, WhereDoYouStand.com. On the second page, it show a…show more content…
As a result, the ad successfully convinces American women that they can look beautiful in Kenneth Cole and also voice their opinion in abortion. Kenneth Cole is also trying to bring abortion into everyday conversation, even if the conversation revolves around figuring out why an ad for handbags is talking about abortion. We live in a society that shies away from talking about abortion in schools or television. There are politicians that are eager to lower funding from Planned Parenthood. Kenneth Cole is not trying to normalize abortion, but he is trying to normalize discussions about abortion rights in our society. By use of these general claims, this strengthens the logos

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