Rhetorical Analysis Of Gay Marriage

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Tony Lamph English 1010 Rhetorical Analysis Essay July 1, 2013 Vitriol in Gay Marriage Debating Hurting Everyone This is a personal essay written by Adam White, a Mormon and gay man who is the President of Understanding Same-Gender Attraction, an unofficial Brigham Young University community. It was published in the Daily Herald, a Utah County newspaper, during a time of much political debate over same-sex marriage. Specifically, it was published just a little over a month after former President Bill Clinton claimed in the Washington Post that he now opposed DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), which he signed nearly twenty years ago. This essay was also published just days before the announcement of the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to…show more content…
Therefore, the fact that this organization is “unofficial” at BYU is not damaging to ethos because it probably would be considered “official” at other institutions. He also goes on to establish ethos by stating that he too is a Mormon and a gay man. This appeals to Ethos because he has personal experience/knowledge on the topic of same-sex equality. However, this may mean that he may also have some biased opinion on this issue as well. The author establishes logos by stating his claims, providing main points, and providing supporting evidence for his claims. The author’s main claim is that our nation needs to develop true listening skills because it is not gay marriage that is threatening the family, “If anything is destroying the family these days, it is the inherently divisive strategies we use to communicate with one another.” Furthermore, he claims that before we take a personal stance on gay marriage, we should reach out with open minds and “really, truly listen and dig deep. Be generous and kind, and seek understanding.” In other words, seek understanding of each side before we judge and form our own opinions. The first main point of his argument is that he is proud that his organization has been able to establish an environment of “true listening and true respect” and gives evidence that they have done so despite the different political views…show more content…
There are even more who fall somewhere in between these two extremes and who are not quite sure of what their stance is on this issue, and between all of these opinions, no one is being heard. This point could be strengthened by providing specific examples, such as actual Facebook and Twitter posts/responses on each side of the issue. He also claims that there has been severe damage done in the Mormon community by these differing opinions on gay marriage. He provides evidence to this claim by listing examples of stories he has heard from many who have been shunned by their families because they support same-sex marriage. This has caused many people to be very sad, leave their church, and sometimes attempt or commit suicide. Again, he could strengthen this point by providing specific examples/actual quotes and references of people who have had these experiences. He also makes an interesting point that those against gay marriage are also somewhat persecuted against in our country. He provides evidence to this point by explaining some reasons that Mormons may take the stance that they do. Although it initially appears that he is appealing to more than one audience/side of the issue, this information actually strengthens logos by providing possible understanding for why some take the stance that they do and how religion impacts and confounds the issue. Finally, he makes the point that “good people

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