Rhetorical Analysis Of Bud Light Commercial

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In the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI, Bud Light (Anheuser-Bush) premiered a one minute commercial advertising their product, Bud Light beer. The purpose of this commercial was to persuade its audience to purchase Bud Light. The commercial takes place in the back yard of a young male adult’s house. The man has a small dog with him, as he notes it is a rescue dog and his name is We Go. We Go is capable of many tricks, whenever you call for the dog, “here We Go!” the dog runs to the refrigerator, grabs a Bud Light in his mouth, and brings it back to you. As more people show up to the party everyone is calling for We Go, and We Go is making many trips to get beer while doing various tricks. At the end of the commercial, We Go pushed a full size cooler…show more content…
By using many rhetorical devices in a commercial, such as pathos and ethos, companies like Anheuser-Bush are able to successfully capture the audience’s attention while influencing them to make a decision about purchasing their…show more content…
This is important because it helps show the audience the type of people that are using their product and how they use it. The environment in this commercial is a very happy and fun environment, which helps it fit into the U.S. culture. Young adults who consume alcohol want to have a fun experience while they are drinking with friends. Everyone in the commercial is in their early twenties, attractive, and having fun while they are together. The location of the commercial is in the back yard of a very nice house with an in-ground pool. It is obvious that the owner is wealthy and his company has class; everyone is dressed nice and no one is over exposed. This is a different approach than many other beer commercials that show many beautiful women in bathing suits hovering over the guy with the beer. This gives credibility to the company and it appeals to the audience because Bud Light is an affordable beverage but at the same time the people in the commercial are drinking

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