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A. This writer’s exigence in this letter to the editor is that students should ask questions about university budget. The problem is that students are not aware of the possible policies that could be put into effect. The students should think about the issue and as a collective body, create a new way to cut spending but not at the expense of academics. On campus many students are unaware of this new policy that may go into effect. The students that are aware are very displeased but don’t know how to change it. As a member of SGA this has been an issue that has come up at our meetings. SGA has a luncheon scheduled for Friday where we will discuss with interim Chancellor Jan Simek and other senior campus administrators about this issue. B. The…show more content…
The author uses pathos very effectively in her letter. She conveys the feelings that most students would have. She tells the reader that there is a financial crisis that the University of Tennessee is feeling but also the students. Students are struggling to pay tuition and books. If they could only take twelve hours they will be graduating later and spending more money. This appeals to emotion because most people are struggling financially and realize that if they have to pay for any hours over twelve, they may not be able to afford college. The author uses logos throughout this letter. The most important appeal to reason that she uses is that students should ask questions about the budget. If students become more knowledgeable there voice will grow and become more respected. Asking questions also allows students to take an issue and fix it. If every student was knowledgeable about this issue we will have a better chance of changing this potential change. The character of this author is credible for many reasons. Her ethos is that she is that she wrote a well argued letter. She organized it in a manner that was easy to read and understand the message she was trying to convey. Her overall stance is that she finds this issue to be very important to not only herself but also to the student body as a whole. All of these aspects demonstrate her ethos

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