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Christopher Ware Professor Julie Lane English Composition 102 27 March 2012 “Continuing the Dream ” If America is to support the ideals for which Martin Luther King Jr. fought, it must do more than pay lip service to civil rights rulings; it must enforce them. With the history of the black troubles in mind, King leads us into his empowering purpose for presenting this argument. He brings the Constitution and backbone of our nation into play and tells that his people are come to “cash a check.” The check is written for the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness that all men are entitled to under our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. Yet he tells that instead of being granted their rightful earnings as American citizens, the Negro people are given back a check marked insufficient. King tells that his purpose is to bring to pass the time where his people will be able to cash this check, and that time for them is now! Furthermore, he instills determination in the hearts of his brethren with words of fellowship and encouragement. His goal is to instill brotherhood and a sense of urgency unto everyone that today is our day. He announces that there will be no turning back and no giving up until they reach the peak of the hill which ends their summer of discontent and brings on an…show more content…
He ends his discourse with a dedication to let freedom ring today, as he beautifully recites the words to one of our nation’s greatest songs of liberty and justice. This sweet land of liberty in which we live will be even sweeter, and the words of this song will ring more true because of the deeds of this great man. Martin Luther King will forever live in the minds and hearts of American people. His dream of freedom will live on in every moment of America’s past and future struggle for a land of liberty and

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