Rhetorical Analysis Essay of Friends

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Rhetorical Analysis Essay Whether we acknowledge it or not, each and every one of us hold our own individual values. We all show these values by behaving in ways that in our minds consciously or unconsciously, intuitively make sense. Many of these values such as tolerance, goodwill, and friendship are very common in many of us and are portrayed clearly in the popular television show Friends. Friends is a comedy series based in Manhattan about 6 young friends, who with another to rely on, try to find what nearly all of us want from life, to be happy. This show follows them on their quest for this happiness with each individual character going through their ups and downs in life. In nearly every episode many of these values are seen and for an example we can look at Season 1 Episode 14 “The one with the candy hearts”. In this episode Ross goes on this first date in nine years were he happens to see his ex-wife, Joey and Chandler go on a double date, and Phoebe, Monica, and Rachael spend Valentines Day burning items of their old boyfriends. One value that is seen in this episode is tolerance. This value was seen particularly when during their double date Joey pulls Chandler over to the side and tells him that he and Loraine are going back his place by saying “I'm outta here. Here's my credit card. Dinners on me. I'm sorry, Chandler.” Chandler then responds by saying “ I hope she throws up on you” which is followed by an audience laugh. Tolerance is shown here because although Chandler is upset that Joey is leaving him alone, he tolerates this and makes a joke about her throwing up on him and lets him go. Chandler does this because since they have been friends for such a long time he tolerates this knowing that Joey would do the same for him if he were going to go sleep with a woman, and knowing this he feels as if he is obligated to let him leave. A second value
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