Rhetorical Analysis Beowulf

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The battle with Grendel, lines 808- 820 is a very robust and captivating part of the story. I’ve chosen this passage as it demonstrates a wide variety of literary techniques. In comparison to other battles that take place, I personally find this to be the boldest yet thought-provoking section. It really demonstrates the importance of vengeance and heroism at this time in life. It begins with great imaginative word choice such as “he who had harrowed the hearts of men”, which focuses the audience’s attention on the repetitive torture, terror and death Grendel has brought to the people of Heorot (pg.47). The author uses “He” as a subjective personal pronoun representing Grendels’ actions as his identity. To signify the twelve winter nights…show more content…
Hate directly conflicts with Christian values. The statement “as long as either lived, he was hateful to the other” intensely represents the animosity, and hatred shared between the people of Heorot and Grendel (pg.47). Again through this statement, Grendels’ grave attacks, in lieu of jealousy, and his inability to conform to the normalcy of his victims is vocalized here through the author. This section strongly demonstrates the Germanic desire for vengeance, which I find to be a contradiction between the content and the Christian narrator. Christians follow more of a peace among humans, love your neighbor outlook. This leaves the question of what exactly is Grendel? A monster? A human? The author really leaves it to the audiences’ imagination and personal interpretation to answer that question. Speaking of special bodily powers Grendel has lost leaves the reader with more of an enchanted understanding of Grendel. The fight between Beowulf and Grendel represents the ongoing battle between good and evil. The Germanic- heroic code is central to the poem. Beowulf has proven himself through his strength, showing loyalty, courage and enhancing his reputations which are all fundamental to the code. It is one thing to defeat a great demon that no one else can, but it is much more honorable to do it without weapons or any sort of advantage that abandons his
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