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Rhetorical Analysis In the article ‘Feminism lite’ is letting down the women who need it the most, the author, Antony Loewenstein, discusses the topic of leaders letting down the ideals of feminists, and the wrong ideas certain feminists hold. He also talks about the importance of men writing articles about gender equality. Loewenstein’s article seems credible, however; there are visible aspects of rhetorical devices such as ethos, logos, pathos, and fallacies that work for his argument and others that do not. After reading Loewenstein’s article, and using knowledge of rhetorical devices, one can determine the credibility, and merit of the author’s argument. Opening the article, Loewenstein says “Men are afraid to talk about feminism”. The statement infers that in general, all men are afraid to talk about feminism. Proceeding this statement, Loewenstein backs up the claim by telling the reader that there are an insignificant selection of gender equality articles written by males. The statement, “Men are afraid to talk about feminism”, gives the impression that men fear the idea of speaking about feminism, and that any other reason for a lack of male written articles on feminism is not feasible. This statement seems to be a generalization, and an opinion. The use of this statement implies the author has taken into account the thoughts of all men, and have collectively found men are infact, afraid to talk about feminism. Loewenstein’s opinion is worded in a way to appear as a fact. Wording of this statement takes any credibility away from this specific argument. If an argumentative article opens with a biased generalization, it’s hard to take the argument as serious. After talking about Australian prime minister Julia Gillard, Lowenstein writes, “The love-fest continued in September last year when Summers interviewed Gillard in an Oprah-style format, with

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