Rhetorical Analysis

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Jennifer Pawlik Rhetorical Analysis Berke “One in eight people are suffering from an addiction.” Advertisements use a variety of different techniques to grab your attention. It’s an easy way to see ads like the one from National referral center. An advertisements goal is to sell or tell the people something. Advertisements appeal to the people by pictures, color and words. Each ad out there has a target group of people there trying to appeal to. Just like product commercials there trying to appeal to the buyer of the house. This ad appeals to the people who are in need of treatment. This particular ad appeals to you by the sadness of the person in the ad and the sad music playing in the back ground. This advertisement was made for a referral center so there appealing to the people’s emotion and to the addict, that there is help out there for them. This add targets family of addicts and also the addict them self. This ad is meant to show that there is help out there and there’s an easy way to find it. National referral center is an organization that helps people find help for drug dependency, alcohol dependency and even help people with mental health issues. National referral center makes it easier for you to get the help you need by using a data base of all the centers that can help you even if you’re a low income family. They empower people looking for treatment and their families by quickly locating tailored programs that meet there individual needs. National referral center offers affordable help for those with serious addictions and mental health issues. They have a directory that includes from free to low cost services. The National referral center ad was originally aired on TV on March 6, 2012. The audience there trying to target is anyone with a drug or alcohol addiction or a mental health issue, or even there family. There reason for advertising is

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