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Essay 1: Rhetorical Analysis Due: September 16 (Monday) Number of pages: 4 pages Arguments have many strategies. By doing a rhetorical analysis, you can understand how the components of an argument work together to persuade an audience. In this 4-page essay, you should conduct a rhetorical analysis of one of the following essays from the Carolina Reader. Essays to choose from: 1) “What Will Future Generations Condemn Us For?” (32) 2) “Bad Food? Tax It” (346) 3) “Liking is for Cowards. Go for What Hurts.” (187) 4) “One Professor’s Attempt to Explain Every Joke Ever” (37) Pre-writing questions to consider: You do not need to answer every single one of these questions. Concentrate your analysis on those features that you feel are particularly important or interesting. • What is the purpose of the argument? What does it hope to achieve? • Who is the audience for this argument? • What appeals or techniques does the argument use – emotional, logical, and ethical? • Who is making the argument? What ethos does it create, and what values does it assume? • How does it try to make the writer or creator seem trustworthy? • What authorities does it rely on or appeal to? • What are the facts used in the argument? What logic (logos)? What evidence? How is evidence arranged and presented? • What claims are advanced in the argument? What logic? What evidence? How is the evidence arranged and presented? • What are the contexts – social, political, historical, cultural – for this argument? Whose interests does it serve? Who gains or loses by it? • What shape does the argument take? How is the argument presented or arranged? What media does the argument use? • How does the language or style of the argument work to persuade an audience? Assignment: (First two pages) Select one of the readings. Discuss its attempts to address the rhetorical

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