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Rhetorical Analysis: “Jeremy” Rhetoric appeals are used for impacting society. Since the start of the Music Television Channel (MTV), music videos have become a popular means of employing rhetoric to capture, as well as maintain the audience’s attention. After Pearl Jam lead vocalist, Eddie Vedder, read an article printed in a newspaper he sat down and wrote the lyrics to the song, “Jeremy”. This particular article was about a 16 year old boy from Richardson, Texas, who committed suicide. The intentions of this song is to educate the audience, while also describing factual details in the order of which they occurred. Described in the lyrics are some of the effects of bullying, which is both emotionally devastating and physically damaging to young people everywhere. The targeted audience for this music video are those people who care about such horrible tragedies, perhaps with a fear of them occurring in community. An alternate rhetorical strategy is applied by Pearl Jam, such as logos, pathos, and ethos within this video to illustrate, inform, and persuade the audience to listen to the song. In the music video “Jeremy”, Pearl Jam outlines a series of events that sadly resulted in a young boy taking his own life. Pearl Jam lures the attention of viewers by appealing to their demographic with the incorporation of logos scattered throughout the video. The song suggests the act of bullying was the driving force behind the suicide. This powerful testament is made clear with various sub textual words heard throughout the entire song. It seems as though some of the sub textual words surfacing in the music video such as: “Life Crisis –Anxiety disorders, -Environmental Stress, Hereditary Factors,-Factors that affect” enlists other possible factors as to why for this young boy ultimately committed suicide. However, this would seem contradicting to the lyricists intended

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