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Jamari Ferguson Professor Kim Shegog English 101*37 16 October 2012 Rhetorical Analysis: Snickers Anyone with a sweet tooth knows of this nutty caramel chocolate covered bar. I’m talking about the Snickers bar. The advertisement shows what just a bite of a Snickers bar will do to a hungry man. Advertisements for Snickers try to rely on humor of men in their late twenties and thirties to make sales. This advertisement is in an ESPN magazine which is mostly read by men. This advertisement is aimed for men with an appetite and an alter ego. I figured that because in the first part of the advertisement it shows, Jerome Bettis, ex star football player in a bath robe with his hair tied up in a towel, similar to a woman at a massage parlor. He also tries to advertise flowers and candles with a sweet environment. The second part of the Snickers advertisement shows just Jerome Bettis’s head with a nice haircut and the inside of a Snickers bar. In this advertisement he says, “I apologizes for my previous ad. I make bad decisions when I’m hungry” (Snickers Advertisement). Also in the second advertisement it says, “Snickers is a proud sponsor of the NFL,” also in large text on the bottom of the page it says,” You not you when you’re hungry and snickers satisfies” (Snickers Advertisement). This Snickers advertisement is good way to persuade consumers to buy the Snickers bar because it tries to persuade the audience with emotion (pathos), authority (ethos) and reasoning (logos). Ethos, which involves trustworthiness or credibility of the writer or speaker, is a commonly use rhetorical tactic in an advertisement (Johnson-Sheehan and Paine 147). Credibility in advertisement is very important because it gives the consumer a reason to listen to or view the advertisement and believe what the information the advertisement is given out is reliable. In this Snickers ad

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