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(They poured fire on us from the sky) They poured fire is a novel that not only gets you emotionally involved in the struggle, but the tension as well In which means of survival. Imagery and emotional appeal are used throughout the whole story.It tells of young boys escaping refugee camps, and starting a life of there own. It's a heart wrenching novel inside and out. Many rhetorical devices are used throughout the story. The first rhetorical device I noticed in the novel was Imagery. The quote stated "Explosions, horses and camels chasing people, shooting, screaming, crying: it was like the end of the world". The quote described how hectic it was in their village while they were being attacked. Everything was chaotic there was no order at all in the civilization. Clearly the people and animals were scared for they're lives. The second rhetorical advice I recognized was another form of imagery. The quote stated "With no food and little water, we freckled a hundred miles, staying away from toch, where the Sudanese government had its army". In this stanza the kids travelled hundreds of miles through the desert avoiding civilizations. The reason for avoiding these civilizations was because, they were in favor of what the people were doing to they're villages. So to stay alive they had to move thoroughly through the desert avoiding many opposing civilizations, no matter how much temptation made them want to. The third rhetorical device I found was Emotional appeal, but it also showed imagery. The quote stated "But many of us did die, from disease, thirst and starvation, like peter who cried all the time". This quote in the passage made you feel the pain and fear in his voice. You could see how the deaths were taking a tole on him. He was finding harder and harder to go on. They poured fire truly showed me the struggle for survival

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