Rhetoric in Intergration and Segregation

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Rhetoric in Integration and Segregation I believe in integration. After watching the video on the Little Rock Nine on 1957, I believe the nine students and the white students should be integrated together in Central High School, but I also believe they should take the nine students safety to another level. They should try to control the crowd's violent approach toward the nine students. Those nine students were invited to Central High for their excellent grades, and attendance. They should be intergrated together, the video said, "Schools are the same, but in reality they are not." The students in Central High, in my opinion had better education. If those nine students really had good grades and attendance, they deserve to be in a well educated school, were they are promised, and introduced to success. The segregationist in my opinion used very powerful rhetoric. They used a very powerful ethos. By using their religion and quoting the bible. The people from the past were very religious and the bible had a great affect on them. They used the bible to gain their publics trust. And they said, "If we desegregate, violence will break." (Governor Faubus) He also used the bible, and people of the state in general as his authority. He also used pathos in an argument saying," Ninety- nine years is not enough, we need more time." Bringing fear to the citizens. Making them bring violence in the crisis. The Governor Faubus, send a message to the public saying start violence, but with out saying it directly. It was in the way he talked, the tone of his voice, I believe that is how he used logos as well. The Governor Faubus decided to close all public schools. Leaving the white and black students with out school for about a month. The integrationist in my opinion used poor rhetoric at the bigginng, but they improved as the segregationist became extreme. They used good
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