Rhapsody on a Windy Night Essay

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The timeless concept of identity is significantly important to one’s self and is still discussed in today’s society. T.S Elliot’s ‘Rhapsody on a Windy Night’ captures the atomisation of an individual as well as the estrangement towards society and how one’s present identity is shaped by the past, as well as memories. Already the title advocates ironic romantic connotations. Moreover, the insight of his poet persona; an intoxicated man, along with diction, personification, symbolism and complex imagery, evokes a response from the audience. “Rhapsody on a Windy Night” delves into the poet personas hostility from society over a period of 4 hours. The first line, “Twelve o’clock”, being the witching hour of the day, crafts the sordid disposition of the poem. Additionally, the diction of “Held under a lunar synthesis whispering lunar incantations” coupled with the repetition of “Lunar” personifies the moon to have bewitched the journey he has embarked upon, allowing the persona to be in a dream-like state where a series of irrational thoughts and memories arise. Additionally, the recurring personification of the street lamp having characteristics of speech throughout the poem depicts his alienation and loneliness from society of tied with the onomatopoeia and rhyme of “sputtered” and “muttered”. Moreover, “as if the world gave up…” consolidates the idea of neglection as the persona has given up on the world, encompassing his life, as he sees his world from a different perspective. Furthermore, the last line “The last twist of the knife” implies that he is committing suicide, tied with the repetition of ‘twist’ throughout the poem; depicting the repugnant and obnoxious world he lives in. The previous line “…prepare for life” amalgamates this by referring to an afterlife. Thus, Eliot addresses the notion of one’s enmity from the world due to a lack of communication
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