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My Final Stand on the RH Bill by: Alvin Cloyd Dakis Many things have been said and the debates just go circuitous and tiresome. They have called me by many names because I have, time and again, supported the Reproductive Health Bill which is still pending in the 15th Congress. Long before I started my RH advocacy, I was advocating the issues of HIV & AIDS and the deaf's access to information on health. I started to seriously advocate the RH Bill during the last quarter of 2010 when I saw the need for nurses and young people to speak up and inform people about their reproductive and sexual health needs and the RH Bill as well. I studied its provisions and the issues that surround it. And since HIV and AIDS are some of the reproductive and sexual health concersn under the RH Bill, I felt it was connected and my deeper knowledge of reproductive and sexual health (SRH) would lead me to become a better nurse educator to my patients. Furthering into the RH advocacy I have noticed that: * Nurses or its professional organization/s do not take a stand on the bill, not even in the issues that surround it; * Nurses are silent in the issue and the bill whereas doctors and midwives have given their professional opinions and statements; * Some nursing organizations and influential individuals are against the RH Bill; and * There is no nursing organization that is supporting the RH Bill in the open and is vocal about it. With that in mind, I discussed the provision of the RH Bill in our nursing organization, the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates International (AYNLA) and asked them to read the bill as well. After some time, I have asked our national and local leaders on their stand on the bill and they were supportive of it. Therefore I wasted no time in involving them in the different discussions and activities of those who support

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