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What is the number one problem of the Philippines today? POVERTY. yes, a huge percent of our population is experiencing poverty, kids not going to school, people not eating 3 times a day, grumbling stomachs and people begging on the streets. One of the topmost reasons why we see this now is because of alot of Filipino Families today lack knowledge of Family Planning, they just go make a baby and not think if they can provide a bright future for it. As more people run against the Reproductive Health Bill of the Philippines, I think we must first know what is it all about. After reading the Bill, I’ve seen a lot of positive sides on the bill. They contain information about Responsible Parenthood, Family Planning, Reproductive Health, and Gender Equality. As a Catholic I think we must be more open minded about things and options, We always have a choice thats what RH Bill tells us. St. Thomas Aquinas posits that many parts of our bodies have a purpose – given by God. Aquinas notes that semen plays a role in reproduction – that is its purpose. Any activity that involves thwarting the natural function of semen must be contrary to nature, and therefore morally wrong. Aquinas’ thinking on sexual ethics was hugely influential within the Roman Catholic Church.one is the unnatural use of body parts. The hands are not intended for walking, yet it is not immoral to use the hands for walking. The tongue is intended for speaking and tasting yet it is not immoral to use it for painting. second is the inherent defect of the body. people without eyes, arms, legs and the sterile ones – must it be immoral for God, who created them, not to give them these parts to fulfill the various purposes? The sterile or “baog”, is it immoral for them to masturbate and engage in sex when their semen is not capable ofreproduction? What Im trying to say is that RH Bill is a good option for us

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